Do I Need A Website? Answer Is Yes

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Did you know that most of your competitors may actually have websites and are busy selling to  new customers online on daily basis and even grabbing the ones you may currently have when they browse the internet.

They are using the internet to leverage their products and services over yours – and the tragedy is that you are not even aware – little wonder business isn’t growing as expected.

This means that while you are sitting and contemplating if your business needs a website or not, your competitors are skyrocketing their businesses, cutting marketing cost, creating brand awareness, building better customer relations etc.

The truth is, you simply can’t compete favourably if you are still caught up in the old brick and mortar style of doing business…

You have to wake up!

And hey!


But if you still have doubts, read on and I will reveal to you 13 good reasons why your business needs a website urgently.

  1. Customer relationship building:

I believe you know the importance of customer relations in business. Good!

Now let me ask you this – How well do you interact with your customers offline?

I bet it’s all about buying and selling or probably he/she sends what she needs and you supply – end of story.

It might interest you to know that a website provides a comfortable ground for business owners to interact with their customers.

That’s why most website owners have a platform for customers to leave a comment about the product and services they buy.

This gives an avenue through which customers can always have their messages replied thus building customer relationship.

Having a site also means that your customers have access to you 24/7. This builds trust.

  1. Website makes you Influential:

Your website makes you a model to thousands or even millions of your sites visitors.

You get to shape and influence their thoughts and choices.

Isn’t it awesome, that many people rely on you for information about products and services which other companies like yours provide?

A standard active and interactive site can quickly transform an obscure business into an industry leader if used strategically.

  1. Website gives you comfort.

Your website can save you the stress of looking for whom to give your business card.

I believe you usually you give your business cards to people who come to your shop/office to buy something, right?

But then, why go through all that stress when you can get thousands if not millions of people to know about your business by having a website.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if 2000 people get to know about your services on daily basis?

Or do you still prefer sitting and waiting for people to come to you before you can give your business card with additional explanation with words of mouth?

Save your energy, and let your website do the talking for you since everything about your business is contained in it.

  1. Website shows the authenticity of your business:

A business with website easily gains customers trust.

Do you know that when people get invitation for job interview in a company that the first thing they usually do is to Google about the company online. Some even call the contact number included on the site to confirm authenticity of the interview.

Now when people hear about your product, it is very easy to check it online and read more about it. It shows the credibility of your business.

In other words your online presence as a brand owner will show how committed you are to your business and the importance you place on your customers.

Having a website will promote your business and increase your customers.

  1. Brand competition:

I’m very much aware that you want your brand to be taken as no.1 in the market.

You want to be the most successful among your colleagues in the same line of business as you?

Now let me ask you this;

Do you know your competitors have website?

Today, business is not all about direct sales anymore. It has gone beyond that.

So the earlier you make your products known online, the better for you.

Your competitors are frequently communicating with their own existing customers in addition to yours. They are bombarding your customers with information about how their products and services are superior to yours.

So if you don’t want to lose your brand appeal, create your own website today and start grabbing your customers back.

  1. Having a website makes you more resourceful in your business:

This is absolutely true!

As website owner, you just can’t publish poor quality contents on your site.

You have to be resourceful – think beyond the way you are used to. Rack your brain and come up with a quality information that can inspire people to want to visit your website again and again.

  1. It Reveals your location:

Have you ever considered the possibility that many potential customers who have heard about your business may be finding difficult to locate you because they don’t have the full address?

Do you know you can easily eliminate this stress by putting google map on your contact page. This will make it easy for people to trace the direction of your business premises from wherever they may be.

   8. Sales Improvement:

Have you thought about how tremendously your sales would increase by having a site?

I will tell you!

If you have a website, customers can directly order for your products and service online and even make payment to you.

Your business will develop the capacity to sell to people in any part of the world instead of people just within your town.

  1. Advertising:

The power of advertisement cannot not be overlooked.

Apart from your main business, your website can serve as a platform to advertise other stuffs you may be interested in.

Having a website is an inexpensive method of advertising since you don’t have to pay to showcase your other products and services to thousands of people daily.

  1. Marketing in general:

How much do you spend to market your products and services?

Let’s say you pay NGN90,000 to an individual marketer in addition to bonuses on monthly basis. Sum it up for 12 months. What’s the answer?

Don’t tell me. I already know.

My question is, why spend this huge amount paying salaries when you can create a website and use it to market your business to thousands of people daily?

The truth is, used well, your website can become your no.1 salesman

  1. Greater opportunities:

Having a website gives you access to many business opportunities.

You can get unimaginable contract or recommendation through your website. That’s why it’s always advisable to have an active website.

It can serve as a platform to to mingle with people that are advanced in your line of business.

  1. Unlimited coverage:

Having a website widens your business coverage.

In fact potential customers you can sell to is unlimited because, you can stay in one remote village and sell your products or services to a customer in New York.

Even a simple one page website can make everyone in the world get to know about your products, contact, location and the services you offer.

13. Website helps you to keep your customers/ potential customers informed:

Updates about your products and services is much easier on your website.

Thus, keeping your customers updated about your products help them keep track of when there is availability of the product they want.

Not only your products, other things you need to keep them posted include special promotions, new locations or any intended program.

You don’t have to pay any Newspapers or radio stations for that. You can do all that through your site.

To sum it up,

A well developed site can improve your business in a way and speed you never expected.

I give you 100% assurance that your online presence will definitely do more good to your business.