Six Ways Your Business Can Leverage Facebook for Marketing

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Over the years, Facebook has become one of the biggest marketing tools out there. If you run a business, it’s important to be plugged in and active on Facebook. The “Fan Page” feature allows businesses to advertise and interact with people in an effective way. Learn how to leverage Facebook for marketing below.

Reach Out to Your Audience
It’s important to be engaging with your audience. You want to market your content to encourage participation on your page. Post links to blogs, client websites, your company site, featured stories, etc. with a prominent call to action. When people comment on your posts, don’t hesitate to respond. You get more engagement when you respond quickly.

Show Your Personality
When you’re posting and commenting on Facebook, don’t be afraid to inject a little personality. Funny videos, clever posts and witty comments can set you apart from other brands. Likewise, if something serious or tragic happens, it’s okay to be emotional about it. You want people to feel like you’re more than just a business. You want them to think of your company as made up of real people with real thoughts and feelings.

Share Videos
Facebook has recently changed their algorithm so that videos are featured more prominently on a user’s news feed. When you post a video, it is actually more likely to pop up on someone’s feed than a traditional post. Videos are a great way to capture audience attention, especially if the video is short. People are busy, so they often won’t click on a video if they see that it is more than a couple minutes. Keep your videos short (for the most part) and effective, and you will see results.

Customer Reviews
Collecting testimonials and reviews is a great tool offered by Facebook. Most people searching for products and services online will look up reviews for them. You can post reviews and testimonials directly on your fan page with the Reviews tab. You even have the option to embed reviews from your Facebook page right onto your website.

Boosting Posts
For a fee, Facebook lets publishers “boost” their posts, putting them higher up in the News Feed. Putting down more money will let the publisher reach more people. The feature allows you to choose your specific audience and determine how long the boost will last. Boosting has become very popular among businesses, so stay ahead of the curve and utilize this feature.

Personal Profile
Another good way to leverage Facebook for marketing is by owning a personal profile in addition to your business page. You can use your personal profile to communicate with friends, family and your favorite clients. Every now and then you can mention your business or other businesses on Facebook and provide links where appropriate. Facebook sets it up so you can have your personal profile and switch to your business profile with the touch of a button.

Staying connected through Facebook is very important in order to keep up with the competition. Use these tips to improve your online presence and increase your clientele. If you need any help on how to better market your business, contact us at Design Extensions. We know that often business owners are busy enough as it is, and it can be tough to focus on effective marketing. Fortunately, we specialize in all things marketing, branding and web design! We are dedicated to helping our clients grow their business, and would love to get in touch with you.